Star Wars:Birth of Rebellion

Episode 1

The Tempation of Darkness

In the first session the players met at a small bar on Xenostation. A fight broke out when the rich noble was hit on by some thugs.

The Bounty Hunter and Pirate rushed to her defence as the Young Jedi watched on. Once blasters were drawn the Young Jedi rushed to the defence of the noble and a firefight insued.

The Heroes fought off the thugs and decided to leave, The Bounty Hunter filled with cold rage shot a thug in the head as he was leaving the bar. The Dark Side overcame him and he proceeded to dispatch each of the thungs in turn.

The Pirate, Young Jedi and the Noble left the Bounty Hunter and tried to find a merchant to buy some more weapons and Supplies.

A young Bounty Hunter stopped the group on the street and offered to act as protection for them. After some negotiation and haggling they agreed to work as a team and the group headed to the merchants area.

Wongo an old scarred Gungan merchant with an eye patch ran a general supplies store and he offered to reduce the price on the goods if the characters would run an errand for him. He wanted them to pick up a package for him and when they returned he would offer to sell the goods to them at a reduced price.


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